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We help our customers succeed with Salesforce

At TechShare, we build robust software solutions to automate complex operational processes. As Salesforce consultants, our end-to- end custom software solutions are built on a world-class platform, ensuring adaptability and lower development costs.

We are driven by our ability to adapt to challenges, delivering creative solutions to even the most complex problems.

Increase Your Efficiency

Increase Your Efficiency

TechShare provides your team with the infrastructure you need to manage your operations with ease, through improved workflows and customized processes.

Customize Your Workflow

Customize Your Workflow

Your workflow is unique. We can use our technical expertise with Salesforce to craft a solution that will handle your specific customer management needs.

Integrate Your Existing Data

Integrate Your Existing Data

Don’t worry about losing historical data. We can integrate existing databases into streamlined solutions.

Keep Your Data Secure

Keep Your Data Secure

Recognized as the #1 cloud CRM in the world, our Salesforce solutions will make the security of your data a top priority.

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Why Salesforce?

Built-in ease-of-use, adaptability and scalability, make Salesforce the ideal Customer Relationship Management platform software for organizations large and small. No matter what your business looks like, our Salesforce products, combined with our expertise honed over 20 years of experience, can help you take control of data management by optimizing user management and workflows.

Ease of Use

Customizable dashboards ensure that your team can manage your Salesforce deployment, regardless of previous experience. We’ll provide training and ongoing support to keep you up and running.


With our expertise, Salesforce offers a highly versatile platform that allows for integrated out-of-the-box solutions that can be endlessly customized to adapt to even the most challenging workflows and business requirements.

Data & User Management

Once implemented, our cutting-edge solutions deliver daily value to reduce the time your business spends on data and user management.

Reducing Overhead Costs

Investing in technology to streamline your infrastructure will reduce ongoing costs and allow your business to run efficiently. Our strategic knowledge will ensure that your investment in technology is a wise one.


Salesforce Services

TechShare offers an array of services and expertise to ensure the success of your organization. We’re passionate about helping you streamline your day-to-day operations through our revolutionary products and services. Using a combination of strategic consulting, custom software development and managed IT services, we help your business run better.

Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Roadmap

We work with you to understand your business requirements today and strategic vision for the future, Through collaboration, we’ll develop a strategic roadmap that ensures the success of your business.



There are limitless opportunities to streamline operational processes by leveraging Salesforce and other IT Technologies. We are dedicated to helping you craft the tools you need to save time and money.



Combining our deep technical knowledge with an understanding of your strategic objectives, our custom Salesforce implementations will redefine efficiency within your organization.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Our suite of managed services encompasses traditional dedicated private hosting, multi-tenant managed cloud solutions, plus proactive management of existing I.T. services.




Avocado is a user management platform for membership-oriented organizations. Streamline your user registration process, automate complex price configurations, and ensure your data is secure. Fully integrated with Salesforce, Avocado can be used by any organization requiring an easy way to manage memberships, fees and services.

To develop Avocado, TechShare took a structured approach to building an end-to-end solution that took into account the requirements and culture surrounding not-for-profit organizations.

Avocado is already being used by entities like the YMCA of Western Ontario to manage complex tiered-membership programs.



In 2012 our founding Partners came together to form a solid and symbiotic relationship, we believe in bringing together people with diverse skill sets and perspectives. Together, we take pride in developing revolutionary solutions that help your team perform at their best.

Matthew Richens

CEO, Co-founder

Matthew relies on his years of deep IT expertise to run the operational and strategic parts of the business.

His mission is to empower his team to always strive for TechShare’s core objectives.

Rob Campbell

Managed Services, Co-founder

Rob shines in many situations, but gets most jazzed about providing managed services to our clients.

He found his passion in founding TechShare with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs.

Matt Loh

CTO, Co-founder

Matt is the driver behind the cutting-edge development practices that cement TechShare’s place in the custom software industry. Ever-logical and supporting impressive facial hair, Matt has an answer to just about everything.

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